Food Programs

To apply for free food assistance, simply come by our main office at 147 Resource Lane. Bring proof of your income and your Louisa County residency so that we can determine your eligibility for one of these programs:

Community Cupboard

Community Cupboard provides monthly allotments of food at no charge to income-eligible Louisa County residents. Basic staples, like canned fruit, vegetables, peanut butter, and protein-rich beans are supplemented with fresh meats, produce, and dairy so that clients can create their own nutritious meals.

Grocery Assistance Program

Grocery Assistance Program (GAP) is a monthly allotment of food to families who have incomes above federal poverty levels but who struggle to afford enough healthy food for themselves and their families.

Emergency Food Pantry

Emergency Food Pantry provides a week’s worth of groceries to those faced with an unexpected crisis, such as job loss or medical emergencies. Families may receive an emergency food supply two times during a six-month period.

Children’s Emergency Feeding Program

Children’s Emergency Feeding Program in partnership with Louisa County Public Schools, assists children who are at risk of hunger when schools are not in session. On weekends, over holidays, and during the summer, kid-friendly food is distributed to children who, otherwise, would not get enough to eat.

60-Plus Food

60-Plus Food provides an extra box of healthy food each month to low-income residents age 60 and older.