Dental Assistance

Dental Assistance Vouchers Vouchers are like money that is used to pay a dentist for treatment of infection, bleeding, pain, or another dental emergency. Who is Eligible for a Dental Voucher?
  • Louisa County resident
  • 21 years or older
  • Uninsured
  • Low Income (less than 200% of federal poverty guidelines)
  • Needing emergency dental treatment
NOTE: You do not need to be a client of LCRC to apply for a voucher. How Do I Get a Voucher?
  • Download an application at the link below or pick up one at 147 Resource Lane.
  • Send your completed application (or referral from a medical professional) to Cathy Portner at LCRC with proof of your income and Louisa County residency.
  • After the dental team approves your application and you provide a $25 cash co-payment, you will be assigned an appointment with one of our excellent dentist partners.

One of our partners, Dr. Darryl Pearlman, treats a client in our Dental Assistance Voucher Program