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Who We Are

The Louisa County Resource Council (LCRC) was organized in 1992 by the Reverend John von Hemert in response to a large number of area residents who were unable to provide the most basic daily needs for themselves and their families.  Too often he saw these neighbors going hungry as they struggled to stretch meager incomes to cover the costs of rent, electricity, medicine, fuel, and clothing.  Reverend von Hemert's dream to help evolved into a successful non-profit agency with a mission to provide life-sustaining assistance - alleviation of hunger, along with information/referral services - to disadvantaged individuals in Louisa County, without regard to race, religion or national origin.

From the dream of Rev. von Hemert, LCRC has grown and now provides the following services:

  • Community Cupboard

  • Emergency Food Pantry

  • Grocery Assistance Program (new in August 2014)

  • Meals on Wheels

  • Children's Feeding Program

  • Information and Referral

The need for services continues to grow in our county and LCRC has responded by increasing the number of people we serve as well as adding new programs (see below). Our programs are successful because of the hard working part-time staff and a large group of dedicated volunteers.

More information about each of our programs can be found on our Programs and Services page. We hope that you will explore our website and support our efforts to help our neighbors.  

Find ways to support LCRC on our Volunteer and Donate pages.

Grocery Assistance Program  (GAP)

 You think you can spot neighbors who need your help. But hunger is a need that is not always apparent.  It is hidden behind the doors of houses you pass every day in Louisa County…unrecognizable in the faces of people you think you know well.

Concerned that too many of our neighbors – especially the elderly and families headed by single parents – are having a tough time, LCRC has stepped up to address a growing need: many who need food assistance cannot receive it based on current qualifications.

The working population has faced lay-offs, fewer job opportunities, and few if any cost-of-living adjustments while expenses for housing, electricity, gasoline, food, and medicine have increased. Higher costs have also hit retirees with fixed incomes. This widening gap between legitimate living expenses and income is putting many neighbors at risk of food insecurity. A lot of these folks are public servants, veterans, and retirees who have worked hard all their lives and are reluctant to ask for assistance.

Recently the director and board met to discuss how LCRC can help. We are taking a leap of faith to create a new program - independent of USDA and government standards – to serve Louisa County residents who fall into this gap. We are researching the numbers to establish guidelines and application criteria.

The GAP (Grocery Assistance Program) will not reduce monthly allotments to Community Cupboard recipients or take anything from existing programs. Generous donations of fresh meats, dairy, and produce from WalMart and Food Lion allow us this opportunity to share with neighbors who have significant needs that are not currently being served.

We launched GAP in August 2014, and are still accepting food assistance applications. We will gratefully receive all donations of food and funds for this program and do the best we can to feed as many as we can. 

We are a powerful and caring community and we are working to fill the GAP.

"Donate Now" has arrived at LCRC! We are now able to process donations online through PayPal.  You don't need a PayPal account to use this feature.  Just click the "Donate" button below to get started!

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